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Glas-tek Software Solutions, has developed a software application called Take-Off©. This service has been specifically designed with the Glass Industry in mind. Our team is comprised of leading software experts and glass industry specialists with direct access and authority to configure the software to suite our Glass and Aluminum suppliers. Glas-tek Software Solutions Inc. is not only a software provider but a company that specializes in glass industry products.

Take Off Software

Take-off© is an innovative software that will provide users with detailed job information from start to finish. Your estimators will wonder what they ever did without Take-Off©. You will have the ability to input data from architectural drawings providing you with a number of the following items:

  • Detailed parts list for each job as well as parts catalogue of each major supplier
  • A material cutting list that reduces scrap and maximizes stock length use.
  • A list of all glass sizes that can be faxed or e-mailed to the major suppliers
  • Shop drawings for fabricators and estimators
  • Provides estimators with complete material lists required for each job
  • Is user friendly for employees transferring measurement data
  • Improved custom stock length usage with variations based on user specified increments. This allows the user to minimize waste and provide better overall yield.
  • Allows manual input of existing aluminum inventory
  • Precision metric or imperial conversion
  • New import and export functions
  • Horizontal and vertical labeling
  • Ability to move measurements to either the left or the right of the drawing along with the ability to remove additional measurements that are not required.
  • More comprehensive summary reports: -Detailed glass list-Total perimeter length -Anchor counts-Joint counts
  • Two methods of optimization: -Best fit with highest yield-Biggest first providing easiest cutting for manual stop movement.
  • Improved elevation print out
  • Ability to increase and decrease font size on drawing
  • View all function adjusts drawing to best fit on screen
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